Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Survive 2 TRI again

So my first triathlon was 4 days prior to my diagnosis. It was a great experience and I did it because I wanted to get back in shape after having my babies. I did not have any special training plan, just went out each week and swam, biked and ran as often as I could. I did pretty good finishing the 2009 Ironclad Sprint Triathlon in Glen Cove NY, my hometown n 2 hours and 2 minutes.

Immediately after my treatments were over I was given the opportunity to get back in shape with a "free for cancer patients" program at a place called KT Health and Fitness. It was provided by Stamford Hospital's Bennett Cancer Center and was an amazing start to my recovery. My trainer, Brian, provided me with the support, encourage and strength training I needed to get back in shape.

After I was done with the three months, three times a week of free training, I signed up for a masters swim class at our local JCC. There I was able to build on my swimming skills and towards the end of the class we did a mock triathlon which was great. After having my last surgery in May of 2010 and feeling all banged up again I needed a new goal. So again I took a swim class and got back to the gym.

This year I signed up for 4 triathlons in honor of my four months of chemotherapy to raise money for Stamford Hospital's Bennett Cancer Center in hope that I can do for others which what was done for me.

So on June 5th, 2011 I completed my second triathlon. Two years and one day later I was back and faster than ever. The swim was scarier than I thought and I had to roll over and do the back stroke to catch my breathe. I realized I was pretty quick in this position so I stayed like that for a while until I felt confident and flipped over. Finished that leg in 20 minutes 56 seconds. Then for the bike; I changed pretty quick out of my wetsuit and threw on my gear. I felt pretty good and was riding with some guy who kept trying to pass me but in the end I left him. Finished that in 49 minutes and 43 seconds. Then I entered the transition area and Tim had already completed his race so he grabbed my bike as I put on my running shoes and off I went. Felt pretty good except for the fact I had to go to the bathroom. Lucky for me Ridgefield CT has ALOT of trees. Finished that in 29 minutes 37 seconds. My fastest run yet. As I got towards the finish line I was sure Tim would be there but he didn't anticipate my speed :) and went to get the camera, missing me run through the finish. My final time was 1 hour 45 minutes and a few seconds I can't remember. It was a great day and I felt great and continue to feel great.

Next race June 26 in Stamford CT. It is an Olympic size so the swim is .9 miles, bike is 25 and run is 6.2. Not sure how it will go but if I can SURVIVE cancer, I can SURVIVE 2 TRI!!!!!!

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