Wednesday, June 8, 2011


When we are born, some of us have hair some of us do not. Some heads are very round, some bumpy, big foreheads, little ears, big ears, all colors and textures. As we grow so does are hair. We either like it or we don't. When I was in high school all I wanted was curly hairs. So I went to the salon and got curly hair. I kept it long, cut it short, at one point one side was short and the other long (even have pictures some where to prove it). The color of my hair started as dirty blond, turned a little browner naturally and then came the hair dye. First at sleep away camp I used a little Jolen lip bleach, with a touch of lemon. Turned out it works well to get blond, my only problem was the application was sloppy and I looked like a skunk. Rosewood was my second, it was a brown with a hint of red. My best friend Carlene, applied it to my hair while we roasted on the roof of our apartment. When I moved to NYC after college I really needed a change so I went black. NOT a good idea, had to have it stripped out of my hair to get my real color back. Then came the short pixie cut with bleach blond. So as you can see I am all for hair change. EXCEPT when it is not by choice!!!!
When Dr. Lo told me my hair was going to fall out from the Chemo I was pissed but didn't let it get to me. All I knew was I didn't want to see it actually fall out. He told me I would have two weeks from the first treatment before it actually started. Luckly that was perfect time for Wyatt's 3rd birthday party.

The problem was I had long hair and didn't want to freak out the kids either. I decided a gradual change of length over a short period of time was best for me. I called around cause who wants to pay $100 for a short cut when two weeks later it was going to fall out.

Salon Wayne in Stamford CT gave me the best price for the first cut. Maritza was the stylist and she did a great job. The next time I went in, about a week later, I asked her to buzz it but leave about an 1". Wasn't so bad, it was the GI Jane look. Finally the day after Wyatt's birthday it I pulled out a bunch and that was it. I went to Maritza and she buzzed it right off. THANK G-D I had a great head, very round and no bumps!

I decided not to wear a wig but chose bandanas instead. My kids didn't even realize there was anything wrong just the fact that now both Mommy and Daddy had no hair. The thing I did need was an indoor hat. For all you baldies out there I now know what it feels like to be bald and cold! My hair grew back quicker, thicker and curly. I totally appreciated it more than ever!

This blog post is dedicated to Maritza at Salon Wayne in Stamford who very graciously helped me during this time!! She is a very special woman!!!

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  1. you are a beautiful woman, with and without hair!!! the curlers in wyatt's hair..i don't remember that photo...